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Projects Invitation

Here at J-C we are willing to run community projects.

This is an invitation to submit project ideas of any category large or small, funded or unfunded, volunteer or paid – do not be discouraged by the obstacles of putting an idea into motion that will improve society and advance the great commission.

We are very interested in successful small community project ideas and community projects that have been implemented by groups of volunteers with limited budgets, and will be building a database of small and large case studies and best practice in application of those projects to form a nexus where people with ideas can:

  *search for similar projects or methodologies and benefit from the experience of others, and

  *submit accounts, methodologies and best practice in the application of their own successful community projects.

Obviously funded ideas will require fund raising, but let us not discount them on that basis, but rather discuss the possibilities and strategies on the members area forum, and form the ideas into workable project models, which can be uploaded into the members area project management database.

To be part of the J-C family and access the members area and get involved in our community please register here.