Blue Flower

Homelessness Roadmap Research

Social media can be amazing. I have read stories of outstanding kindness to and from homeless people.

My work in the ambulance service has brought me into contact with some of the most needy and desperate people in society. We treat them one by one, and by that measure I can never hope to help the quantity of homeless individuals that try to survive on our streets.

My goal is to create a model that can multiply our efforts and be applied nationwide.

I am looking for existing homelessness research to build upon and avoid duplication. I would like to know:

*Common characteristics of the homeless

*Origin: circumstances leading to homelessness

*Care requirements: medical, social, mental

*Ability to track individuals, success or data available that can provide an insight into

*Pathways that have:

  1. Facilitated exit from the street, and
  2. Failed
  3. Pathway success and uptake statistics
  4. Pathway failure and any relevant rationale, possibly linked to care requirements, and subsequent attempts

*A map of the charities/services available, any cooperation, and coordination of efforts and resources

*Funding and its application

This not an extensive list, if you can understand my line of enquiry you will see that in my homelessness research I am attempting to create:

  1. A profile of homelessness,
  2. A map of the existing provision, and
  3. Possible routes to exit, in the hope of
  4. Uncovering a roadmap, which could be
  5. Implemented nationwide.

Feedback and information greatly appreciated.